Digestive health and protein digestion are two sides of the same coin. You simply can’t have one without the other person. When you’re not adequately digesting the food you eat, it will set off a whole set of events which not merely affect your digestive system itself, but affect your general health with techniques that you probably can’t imagine.

When the digestive system of yours starts to slow down, it is unable to properly digest the foods you eat. This results in a number of things happening all at the same time. Since that food you consumed is not broken down properly, the nutritional value in that food cannot be extracted. This means your digestive system isn’t supplying the body of yours with the nutrition it needs to maintain health which is good. As you realize, lack of good nutrition are able to cause from lifeless hair to fatigue, to really serious issues like heart problems, IBS, and also colon cancer.

Furthermore, the meals that is not correctly digested begins to decay, and rotting food is passed on into the small intestine, click here (listen to this podcast) along with toxins really the bad bacteria that most people have in the digestive system of ours. In several cases, the cells in the lining of the gut become distorted, plus when this takes place the rotted toxins, bacteria, and food pass into the blood stream of yours.

Digestive Health And Leaky Gut Syndrome

This’s seen as leaky gut syndrome. When the state occurs, the body’s immune system is alerted to the overseas material and seeks to deal with the issue by creating inflammation, allergic responses, and a number of other defensive maneuvers.

If the immune system then becomes’ overloaded’, the liver cannot deal with the influx of toxins and everything gets sent to the bloodstream, where all of these unwanted materials are then sent to the muscles of yours along with other organs.

This is not quite a picture, and it is easy to understand exactly why doctors at this point link undigested food in the colon to colon and various other forms of cancers , as well as degenerative diseases. And this may play a role of problems such as Crohn’s disease, Lupus, certain kinds of Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and a number of various other factors which plague millions of men and women.

Surprisingly, scientists don’t yet know whether or not leaky gut syndrome is a big cause of poor digestive health, or even if poor digestive wellness is a leading cause of leaky gut syndrome. This’s primarily because in leaky gut syndrome, the entire body quits producing the enzymes which are needed to digest foods. On the flip side, antibiotics as well as their killing of all bacteria like the great, not enough prebiotic fiber, and improperly digested food, can all result in leaky gut syndrome.