If you’re thinking about selling your used car privately, keep reading for 5 great tips that will help you list your car effectively, screen prospective buyers, and secure an easy sale at a great price.

Have the car examined by a qualified mechanic. This can help you determine the price of the car and know of any defects the car might have. Some buyers take advantage of defects in the car in order to push down the price.

If the answer is no and you definitely still need to sell your car fast, then you have to act as if you are not desperate to sell it, in order to sell it. It kind of works in reverse.

Another way to sell your car for cash now is through the online classifieds. It may take longer than finding a dealer who will buy it, but you may come away with several hundred more dollars. Online services that let you list your items for sale have virtually replaced printed publications. Particularly given that many of them are free; you don’t have to pay to post your listing. If you have the time to wait for the right buyer to come along, this is certainly an option.

The real value of my automobile will depend on several factors such as the market value of the brand new automobile of the same brand, the mechanical status of the automobile, the mileage that the automobile still has, the demand and supply factors in the market. All these factors will assist me in determining what value I can offer for my automobile. Another important factor is the prevailing fuel price because if the price of gas is high, it will definitely be difficult to make money from your automobile, which is a fuel guzzler at a high price. Another way of finding the price of my automobile will be to check in the local sale listing and find out what other sellers are asking in the market. You can start from there.

No matter where you are buying the vehicle from, its technical evaluation is must. You can hire a mechanic to do this. He will charge for this service but it is something that must not be avoided. He can help in assessing used vehicle value that you are intending to buy. These evaluations become more important if you are buying the vehicle from a private owner who wants to sell used car.

Before you sell a used car, research its value and compare what other similar cars have fetched. This comparison will give you a realistic price for your car. Leave room to bargain your price.

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It’s important to note that you have a few options when trying to sell your car, truck, or SUV no matter on what the condition is, newer or older. Below will give you the options which might fit your needs the best.