Small Tattoo Designs That You Can Do Immediately!

It seems like everyone on Instagram (celebrities included—hey, Miley Cyrus, and Halsey) has a tattoo with a tiny design on a roll, and it’s no surprise why they’re so on trend and popular. Aside from being too cute and small, they’re also too easy to place in “concealable” places (think: hips, collarbones, behind the ears), if that’s your thing.

As well as (probably) being cheaper than overly complicated designs, this is a great first tattoo if you’re already intimidated by the whole process (as well, keep in mind that small tattoos can be just as permanent as larger tattoos. So make sure you really like it) . Curious to want to try it? We have guts, which is why we’ve rounded up all the ideas, from simple heart designs to fun best friend tattoos. Scroll down for 35 of the cutest little tattoos of all time.

1. This Tiny Heart Tattoo

Our favorite thing about this little tattoo? Unique placement on the outside of the thumb. Hands get a lot of sun exposure, so apply hand cream with sunscreen regularly to protect your ink.

2. This Small Flower Tattoo

If you like simple fine-line tattoos, you’ll love this cute little flower tattoo. Perfect to put on your arm, shoulder, or wherever you want to place a littlearttattoo.

3. This Small Star Tattoo

This little tattoo was too pretty and understated—only someone who studied would be able to see it. Sounds like something you would want? Cool. Reminder: You will want to avoid applying any cream for the first few days after getting a tattoo, and then apply it with a tattoo-specific lotion once it starts to peel.

4. This Small Butterfly Tattoo

If stars and flowers aren’t your type, consider this small butterfly tattoo. We love how detailed when it’s still too small and subtle. Impressive, right?

5. These Tiny Bird Tattoos

Getting a small tattoo doesn’t mean you have to stick to one design. This bird tattoo is a prime example of a small tattoo that makes an illustration bigger without taking up a lot of space.

6. This Block Letter Tattoo

Cursive and script tattoos still come out adorable, but we think block letter tattoos are where it’s at. We love how the lines are so clean and sharp in this small tattoo. So screenshot this image, choose a word, and DM your favorite tattoo artist ASAP.

7. This Dog Silhouette Tattoo

There is no sweeter tribute to your pet than getting their silhouette tattooed. Be it a dog or cat tattoo, these small tattoo ideas are an adorable way to keep them with you forever.