Street Team

The FDRSTC Street Team is the community engagement and partnership building action arm of our organization.


The Street Team Strives to:

  • Make a strategic impact within our communities.
  • Establish community trust in our organization and our conservative vision.
  • Assist communities experiencing unrest or violent events.

We will do this by:

  • Participating in local projects, events, and elections. Including:
    • Host to the Annual FDRSTC Lincoln/Douglass Debate Reenactment
    • Black History Month (February)
    • Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Celebration/Parade
    • Women’s History Month (March)
    • Memorial Day Celebrations (May)
    • Juneteenth Celebrations (June)
    • Fourth of July Celebrations (July)
    • Constitution Day (September)
    • National Night Out (October)
  • Attending community meetings and participating in neighborhood watches
  • Visit churches, synagogues, and mosques
  • Create an “Adopt A School” Program
    • Teach students about Frederick Douglass and other minority trailblazers in service to our nation.
    • Aspiring Elephants mentor program for High School Juniors and Seniors
    • Teacher Appreciation Day
  • Participate in and encourage “Coffee With Cops”
  • Activate our team to mobilize and distribute resources to assist communities during traumatic emergencies or civil unrest.