When thinking about issues like abnormal bowel movements, the proper digestion of food, constipation, other disorders and diarrhea associated with the digestive system one may not actually consider the benefits of the liver. A dysfunctional liver can have a big impact on your digestive health.

The liver is a major body part and it is considered to be the hardest working one we have. Doing numerous jobs numbering in the hundreds, it is primary purpose is to remove insidious contaminants and chemical substances which go into the body.

Dangers of a clogged liver

Whenever we eat up unhealthy processed foods for a long time on end, among the results are a clogged liver. When the liver isn’t functioning well it is able to cause you diarrhea, constipation, bad indigestion, bloating excessive weight gain and numerous other problems.

A clogged liver is going to reduce your body’s metabolic rate, meaning more fat gain because of high storage of unwanted fat.

What causes an unhealthy or click here clogged liver?

Many things are able to accomplish this, specifically, over using medications & drugs, eating a highly processed food diet which has become the typical American way of living. These are foods that have hydrogenated oils which contain the dangerous trans fats and highly refined man made sugars and a lot of man-made sweeteners.

These substances harden the arteries of ours and clog our colons and livers too, making good digestive health a pipe dream.