He also used the crypto funds to purchase a billion-year-old black diamond, believed to be the largest in the world, for $4.3million — tweeting that he would rename it the Hex.com diamond.

The exchange came on a long-haul Air France A350 10-hour flight from Seattle to Paris

Scientists have previously found that repeated head movements can lower blood pressure, as fluids inside the brain shift, interfering with molecules on the surface of brain cells that control blood pressure.

A small plane nosedived into the Atlantic ocean just about 30 yards from beachgoers in New Hampshire Saturday afternoon

Garrett Smith, 22, said he lived in the same apartment complex as Navarro and an unidentified man in his 20s, with whom she had an argument the day before she turned herself in

Previous research has found that people with pets are less likely to suffer mental health problems.

However, analysts from the University of York compared the symptoms in 170 British mental health patients with and without pets – and found no difference. In fact, they noted having a pet was linked with greater mental health decline during Covid-19 lockdowns.

MOSCOW, Aug 1 (Reuters) – Russian online retailer Wildberries said on Tuesday it was expanding into the Azerbaijani market, expecting its distribution and business development to grow quickly there.

On Thursday, Trump faced new charges Thursday in a case accusing him of illegally possessing classified documents, with prosecutors alleging that he asked a staffer to delete camera footage at his Florida estate in an effort to obstruct a federal investigation into his records. 

Heart, 43, is a U.S.

citizen believed to live in Helsinki, Finland, the SEC said. He could not immediately be reached for comment, and a lawyer for him could not be identified. Hex, PulseX and PulseChain are also defendants.

Bob Innes, 54, from California, accidentally became a renowned filme online vigilante after a website he founded for an IT company became a magnet for people seeking killers for hire